Principles of regional Planning

Second Edition Reprint

[only available in Italian Edition]
by Franco Archibugi

Franco Angeli - 1987



This is the second reprint edition of the handbook on the Principles of Regional Planning, a well-known contribution by Franco Archibugi (with the consecutive editions of 1980 and 1982) to the didactics on the preparation of a regional and territorial Plan in Italy. This reprint edition of 1987, of a work that is today largely outdated, was the last that has been made according to F. Archibugi’s desire, which involved that he proposed to edit a strongly updated edition, of reduced dimensions, and which should make reference to general simplifications that could be of value also for non-Italian readers. This type of reorganization of the work is still in progress and will be published in the near future.


Volume I: Methods and Objectives

Part I: General Schemes
1. The planning as process: phases and moments
2. The general scheme of regional plan elaborations

Part II: The Objectives of the Use of Resources
3. The demographic evaluation
4. The evaluation of the probable work offer
5. The analyses and evaluations of territorial resources
6. The evaluation of the objectives: criteria and modality
7. The evaluation of the objectives: classification and measurement
8. Real objectives of consumption and objectives of expenditure
9. The spatial definition in the objectives of the resources employment
10. The evaluation of the productive potentiality

Part III: The Territorial Policy
11. The territorial policy
12. The city policy
13. The principles of the territorial equilibrium
14. The form and metropolitan structure
15. The areas in the regional plan

Volume II: Programmes and Budgets

Part IV: The Planning of Services and Production
16. The planning of residential services and habitations
17. General reflections on the evaluation methods of the needs and political choice
18. The planning of socio-sanitary services
19. The planning of educational services
20. The planning of services for the free-time: culture, sport, recreational activities, social activities
21. The natural environmental protection
22. The planning of political and administrative services
23. The planning of agriculture
24. The industrial planning
25. The planning of commercial services
26. The planning of tourist activities
27. The planning of transport

Part V: Perspective Balances
28. The perspective balance of work
29. The perspective balance of territory
30. The perspective balance of income
31. The financing of the plan
32. The perspective public balance