Towards Sustainable Development


by Franco Archibugi and Peter Nijkamp

Kluwer Academic Publishers - 1989



This book collects the papers presented to a Congress held in Milan in March 1988 on the theme "Economy and Ecology", and promoted by the past Minister of the Environment Hon. Giorgio Ruffolo.

The editors of this volume, Franco Archibugi and Peter Nijkamp, to whom the scientific responsibility for the Congress of Milan has been committed, have selected a certain number of the scientific papers presented to the Congress in order to publish this volume for Kluwer Academic Press. The essays were collected at a crucial moment in the history of  world environmentalism, as the next day the well-known Bruntland Report was released by the United Nations Environment and Development Commission. Being before the Rio de Janeiro Conference, these essays have been successfully received by the public as one of the first attempts on the theme of the integration between economic  and environment policies.

Here is the list of the papers collected:

F.Archibugi, P. Nijkamp, F.J.Soeteman, The Challenge of Sustainable Development

J. MacNeill, "Our Common Future”: Sustaining the Momentum

D.E.James, P.Nijkamp, J.B.Opschoor, Ecological Sustainability and Economic Development

R.E. Munn, Towards Sustainable Development: An Environmental Perspective

H.D. Daly, Steady-State and Growth Concepts for the Next Century

R.U.Ayres, A.V.Kneese, Externalities: Economics & Thermodynamics

U.E. Simonis, Ecological Modernization of Industrial Society: Three Strategic Elements

S.Lombardini, Economics versus Ecology

B.Commoner, An Assessment of Environmental Progress: The Reason for Failure

F.Archibugi, Comprehensive Social Assessment: An Essential Instrument for Environmental Policy-Making

K.A.Fox, Environmental Quality in a New System of Social Accounts

P.Nijkamp, Multicriteria Analysis: A Decision Support System for Sustainable Environmental Management

P. Dasgupta, K.G. Maeler, Social Cost Benefit Analysis and Soil Erosion

M.Bresso, Environmental Policy in Relation to Territorial Distribution and Productive Activities

H.Leeflang, Physical Planning and Environmental Protection in the Long Term

L.E.Susskind, Four Important Changes in the American Approach to Environment Regulation

K.Uno, Economic Growth and Environmental Change in Japan: Net National Welfare and Beyond

G.Scimemi, Comparative Analysis of Environmental Policies.