Franco Archibugi
studied history and philosophy at the Universities of Rome and Heidelberg, and economics at the London School of Economics.

He has taught economics at the University of Florence and planning at the University of Calabria, Palermo, and Naples. In the last years he has taught economic programming and strategic planning at the Post-graduate School of Public Administration of Rome.


In 1963, along with a group of Italian and foreign colleagues, he founded the Planning Studies Centre, Rome, a non-profit research Institute promoting a unified or integrative approach to planning (of which he is presently Chairman). He has also been a promoter of the “International Academy on Planning Studies” and in 1992 was the General Secretary (under the honorary presidency of the late Jan Tinbergen and Wassily Leontief).


In his professional activities, his previous appointments also include:

Member, "Expert Committee on Urban Environment", Commission of the European Community (1990-94)

Member, Urban Affairs Group, OECD, Paris (1987-94)

Rapporteur, Consultant & Director: several research projects of the EC (Commission), Brussels; and the OECD, Paris and the Council of Europe, Strasbourg (from 1955 to the present day)

Consultant: Various Projects, UNDP, New York (1966-1984)

Member: "Senior Economic Advisers", UN Commission for Europe, Geneva (1971-1976)

Member: Committee for Medium-Term Economic Policy, European Community, Brussels (1973-1976)

Rapporteur: Several Seminars of UN Agencies (FAO, UNIDO, UNESCO, ILO, UNRSDI, Social Affairs Division, Centre for Housing, Building & Planning)

Member: Scientific Committee of the Italian Ministry of Environment

Consultant: Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning, Italy (1965- 1974)

Consultant: Several Cultural & Educational Activities of the Italian and European Trade Unions

Consultant & Director: Several Research Projects of the Italian National Research Council (CNR)



Franco Archibugi is the author of many books and papers on socio-economic, environmental and urban planning published in Italian, English and a few other languages (a survey of these and some selected reproductions are in the appropriate section of this Web page).


A contributor to several journals, he was a founding member of the editorial boards of the following Journals:

Socioeconomic Planning Sciences: The International Journal for the Public Sector Decision-Making (Pergamon),

Environment and Planning (Pion)

Social Indicators Research: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal for Quality-of-Life Measurement (Kluwer).